Latest news

Another micro wallet will be added soon.All stuck payments are already being made.All prizes for the competition will also be credited to the account.

Special offer

When renting 200 MCH, you will additionally receive 100 MCH as a gift.


Several of the following coins will be removed from the list on June 1, 2020:BlackCoin (BLK),Decred (DCR),GameCredits (GAME),MonetaryUnit (MUE),PotCoin (POT),Peercoin (PPC).
Use your coins up to June 1, 2020
New coins will be added:NEO(NEO),Qtum(QTUM),Horizen(ZEN),Ripple(XRP),Komodo(KMD),Bitcoin Diamond(BCD).

Connection of micro payments

We have connected micro payments in test mode, all coins will be connected as the balance is replenished.To receive payments, register on and link your wallets to your account.

Some changes

There are some difficulties with the situation of COVID-2019.All tickets will be processed in 24 hours. All deposits and withdrawals work automatically. The update scheduled for March 26, 2020 is postponed to April 3.2020.
Thank you for your understanding.

We launch new contests

We decided to launch two new contests in the amount of 5000 USD, and another daily contest will be launched soon. Wish you win the main prize Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB.

Minimum withdrawals will be reduced

Minimum withdrawals will be reduced and payments will be available on the micro-wallet with a minimum threshold.(Update scheduled for March 26, 2020)

Added new coins

Added 6 new coins for mining.We hope you will be satisfied.

Our project started

We are glad to welcome you to our project.We hope you will enjoy working with us.